What Makes Us Worthy?

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    Gluten-Free & Vegan

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    Women-Owned & Operated

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Spreads & Salsas Made Worthy

Worthy offers three unique spread flavours that include Earl Grey Lavender Peach, Strawberry Cardamom, and Vanilla Rhubarb. In addition, Worthy offers two seasonal spreads, Gingersnap Apple and Spiced Mixed Berry. And we can't forget to mention our two favorite salsas with customized combinations of Hot Pineapple Tumeric and Warm Cinnamon Tomato. These flavours are what make Worthy distinct and unique.

Additionally, our Worthy products are also vegan and gluten-free, and are made with only natural ingredients such as citrus pectin and cane sugar. Here at Worthy, we're passionate about creating products that are completely free from artificial sweeteners, flavours, colours, or dyes.

Our customers love our jars because we are always striving to develop unique and exciting flavour combinations that stand out from the typical jams, spreads, and salsas you might find elsewhere.

Making Everyone Feel Worthy One Jar At A Time

Worthy is a Calgary-based spread and salsa company founded in 2014 by Ashlee Steinhauer. She became passionate about inventing one-of-a-kind jarring creations while attending her 12-step recovery program. Once Ashlee started to get her zest for life back, she decided to focus on jarring full-time so that she could create a community that involved breaking conversational barriers surrounding addiction recovery.

The importance of recovery is the backbone of Worthy. Ashlee has first-hand experience with the stigma that surrounds addiction and how it can affect an individual's self-worth, so she wanted a name that representes the people who face this every day, thus Worthy was born. Now Ashlee uses her platform to share her story to normalize conversations about addiction in addition to giving back to recovery communities by donating a portion of all proceeds to charity. The aim is to make every jam-lover feel Worthy one jar at a time. 

Ashlee, the founder of Worthy Jams, sitting crossed legged on wooden stairs wearing a pink worthy logo t-shirt

Hi, I’m Ashlee, artisan canner and founder of Worthy.

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We're a Certified Giving Organization!

In addition to Pachira Certified Giving, Worthy donates 10% of profits to Canadian-based addiction recovery charities.