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I tried these jams at a friends place and loved them. The sample pack was a perfect way to try the flavours. Absolutely thrilled with the taste annd consistency. I will be ordering for Christmas and hostess gifts.

Love this jam.

We received this jam as a gift and my husband says this is the best jam he's ever had, so we had to reorder more!

Best jam

We like all of the jams from Worthy but the Vanilla Rhubarb is our favorite. The flavours are amazing.

It is a lovely jam and I really respect the company's values 🥰.

Strawberry cardamom jam

We received a jar of Worthy strawberry cardamom jam as part of a gift package at Christmas. We’re not really big jam people, but this was so great that we’ve ordered more, and will again. Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Higher Power

Didn’t know the back story to the impetus for the beginnings of Worthy until I read the label before opening my first jar. I’m semi-retired addictions counsellor. Addicts and alcoholics have kept me busier than usual over the last month. Expect the energy from a daily dose of jam and step 11 keep me going.

Worthy Strawberry Cardamom Spread

Wow, just had my first taste of my new go to jam, it is so good with whole wheat bread or buns, certainly on my future always have on hand list. Thanks.

Vanilla Rhubarb Jam

What an amazingly wonderful jam, it goes with so many things, we've had it with chicken and pork, and it was so good. It's unique flavour profile makes it good with so many things!

Worthy's Spiced Mixed Berry Spread
Stacy B
Gift baskets

I bought this jam to put into Christmas gift baskets. I bought one for myself as well, I am so glad I did, it's one of the best jams I have ever had. I am so excited to gift these in the baskets.

Gift baskets

I bought this as a filler for gift baskets I was asked to make. It is perfect with the recipe cards and the little bag to hold it. The jam is delicious but I already knew that as I have bought it for myself before.

Best jam Ever

This jam is amazing! I would never have thought to put these flavours together but it is heaven! Customer service from this company is also amazing!