Meet the Worthy Team!

  • Ashlee, Founder and CEO of Worthy, smiling while standing behind a table with Worthy products displayed all around her.

    Ashlee Steinhauer - Founder & CEO

    Hi, I'm Ashlee, founder of Worthy Jams. As a small business owner, my role at Worthy encompasses many things! I am at the helm of the day-to-day operations and oversee everything from ingredient ordering to store orders. My favourite part of my job is the diversity of daily tasks. Some days I am at my computer all day, some days I am talking to store owners and distributors, and other days find me standing in my steel-toed boots filling jars with hot jam! Being a small packaged food company is not what I expected, but the work is ever-evolving, diverse, and exciting.

  • Lisa Martell - Marketing Manager

    Hi! My name is Lisa, and I am the Marketing Manager for Worthy Jams. I'm a part-time student in my final year at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, majoring in Marketing. At Worthy, I am responsible for creating and publishing all of the content on our social media accounts, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), looking for new retailers and designing marketing campaigns and material. Working for Worthy provides me with a creative outlet and amazing hands-on experience to improve my diverse marketing skills. It has also connected me with many customers that love our products and are inspired by Worthy's story. As a marketer, my job is to tell stories. Because of this, I strive to continue spreading messages of hope and resilience, ensuring that everyone I connect with knows they are Worthy.